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Tape Recorders


Aiwa TP-60

Aiwa TP 32

Benkson 68

Benkson Model 25

Channel Master ST

Concord F-88

Concord F20

Craig TR-401

Craig TR-404

Ehrcorder TP-241

Essex TR-410

Fi-Cord 404


Homey HR-408

Juliette LT-44

Mayfair 1602


Nivico TR-514U

Parrot BT-1

Saturn 402A

Stuzzi Memocord

Radio TV & Hi-Fi


Barlow Wadley XCR-30

BC-611 Handie Talkie

B&O Beolit 609AM

Franklin Guitar Radio

Heathkit GR-78

Heathkit Oxford UXR2

Monatone D 5151

MPMan MP-F20

Sanyo G2001

Sinclair Micro FM

Sinclair Micromatic

Sinclair MTV1A

Stella ST415T

Cameras & Optical

Beseler P2

Brolac Can Camera

Brownie Starflash

Kodak EK2

Polaroid 104 Auto

Silma 120M

Gen Widgets


Avo Multiminor

Benkson 92 Monitor

Biri-1 Dosimeter

Casio CA-90

C-Scope ProMet II

Eagle TI-206

GE Help 3-5908 CB

Homer Phone Amp

Kvarts DRSB-90

McArthur Microscope

Microflame Torch

Microphax Viewer

Pioneer G5B

Ronco Record Vac

Shira WT-605CB

Seiko TV Watch

Sinclair PDM 35

Sinclair Calculator

Snooper Model 108

Tasco SE 600

UT-66 Video Sender

Wallac RD-5





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